Niagara Falls – antique stereocards

Prospect Park Niagara

Falls from Suspension Bridge, Niagara

An Airplane View of the Rapids and Falls of the Niagara River, New York,  (1908 ?)

An Air View of Niagara Falls

»“A vast and prodigious Cadence of Water, which falls down after a surprising and astonishing manner, insomuch that the universe does not afford its parallel.“ And now, after reading the words of Father Hennepin, the first white man to see (1678) the Niagara Falls, do you not enjoy and appreciate the more, the privilege of viewing this stupendous spectacle from a height of nearly 2000 feet above the earth. Rarely does stupendous power clothe itself with such beauty of form. Here is the river, amazingly quiet in its lower reaches, below the waterfalls – as witness the small steamer, „Maid of the Mist“, which cruises quite close to both falls; noisily turbulent in the upper section, before it reaches the precipice.
From our position we do not see the American rapids, but just a short section of the river before it descends to form the beautiful, misty American fall. The land beyond the American fall is Goat Island. Beyond Goat Island we witness the swift rush of the Canadian Rapids and see how the river bends in a right angle where it descends as the famous Horseshoe Fall measures 2.500 feet in length. The American fall has a crest of about 1.300 feet.
The Niagara River is the outlet of the four western Great Lakes, which constitute half of the fresh water of the world. It is estimated the river possesses 8.000.000 horsepower. The land on the right of the river is in Canada. The state of New York has reserved 107 acres as a park on the American side of the river, while Canada has a large reservation on the Ontario side.«

(auf der Rückseite der Stereokarte, Keystone View Company, um 1908)

Niagara Falls (Horseshoe Falls, Summer) Niagara Falls,  N. Y.   U. S. A.

Overlooking the Whirlpool and down Niagara’s Gorge, from the Canadian shore, Niagara 1903

Ein stereoskopischer Ein-Blick in die Welt um 1900 …  (wird fortgesetzt)

(alle Bildunterschriften und Texte sind den Vorder- bzw. Rückseiten der Stereokarten entnommen)

Private Collection / Private Sammlung

»Suspension Bridge at Niagra, from Toll Gate«, – flickr-photostream / depthandtime

➢ antike Stereokarten & anaglyphe Bilder

➢ … ein Blick auf »Stereokarten«

➢ Ein »Weltspiegel« um 1900

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