Blicke in die Welt um 1900 – 2

At the foot of the great Jostedalsbreen, Norway (Nigardsbreen)

A Bedouin Village on the Libyan Desert, Africa, 1906

A Reservoir after evaporation, turning up the salt, Salt Fields, Solinen, Russia, 1904

»This is out among the great level marshes about twenty miles east of Odessa, alongside the Black Sea.
The level land is divided into sections, as you see, by means of low dikes. Here and there are sluiceways which can be opened or closed as desired, admitting or keeping out the sea water from any particular section. Several months are required for the complete evaporation of the water admitted, so, in order to utilize the working force to the best advantage and make the production fairly regular, different sections are flooded at successive intervals.
The tent-like masses over yonder, ranged inside a great enclosing dike, are stacks of glittering salt extracted from water that once filled these nearer sections. Twenty thousand tons are stored there.
The workers are chiefly women such as you see here, and a hard life they have, too. Do you see that crust over the ground which the women are breaking up! That is the salt. This section where we stand now has been entirely evaporated, and when these women began work the ground at their feet was entirely covered with a three-inch crust of pinkish-gray salt deposit. The surface was marked off into these squares, then hoed over as you see, with care to take up as little as possible of the dirt below. Soon these same women will pile these heaped masses into carts and drag the loads away to a big stack where the stuff gradually purifies and bleaches by two or three years’ exposure to the air. These women actually pull the carts themselves, by means of stout bands across their foreheads! You can see at the end of one of those distant stacks the sloping framework of the ’run‘ up which the heavy loads will have to be dragged, one after another.
See »Russia through the Stereoscope«, with special, keyed map locating all the standpoints taken and identifying all the landmarks.«

From Descriptive Bulletin No. 2, copyrighted, 1904, by Underwood & Underwood

(auf der Rückseite der Stereokarte, Underwood & Underwood, Publishers, 1904)

» … as you see here«

»See  ”Russia through the Stereoscope“« –

Vermittelt der obige Text auf der Rückseite einer Stereokarte von 1904 nicht beispielhaft jenen kulturellen, informativen Anspruch, der mich die Herausgabe der Stereokarten um 1900 mit dem »Weltspiegel« des gegenwärtigen »Fernseh«-programms vergleichen lässt?
Ja, und wieder gibt es innovative Bemühungen, das Fernsehen 3D-tauglich zu machen! …

Salinen bzw. Salzgewinnungsanlagen sind gegenwärtig im Süden La Palmas bei Fuencaliente und im Norden Lanzarotes unterhalb des Mirador del Rio zu finden.

A Mexican Acequia with Bathers and Washerwomen

Maguey Field, looking towards Mexico’s Twin Giants, San Angel, Mexico

Ein stereoskopischer Ein-Blick in die Welt um 1900 …  (wird fortgesetzt)

(alle Bildunterschriften und Texte sind den Vorder- bzw. Rückseiten der Stereokarten entnommen)

Private Collection / Private Sammlung

➢ antique 3d-cheesecakes & stereoscopes

➢ … ein Blick auf »Stereokarten«

➢ Ein »Weltspiegel« um 1900

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