Egypt – Vintage Stereoviews 4

Cairo, looking S. W. across city to pyramids that furnished stone for many of its Buildings, Egypt

A »ship of the desert« passing tombs of bygone Moslem rulers outside east wall of Cairo, Egypt

»We are in the desert outside the city, looking a little west of north.
These ladies of modern Cairo who are out ’smelling the air‘, as they say when out for an airing, do not seem oppressed by the solemnity of the place. Indeed, as one of them has removed her veil, there is much doubt whether they belong to the class of reputable ladies from the upper ranks of society … What a romantic carriage! A generation ago, such a vehicle was the usual one for the conveyance of the bride at every wedding. With tinkling bells and gaily caparisoned camels it made a brave show as it carried to the waiting bridegroom the vision of loveliness whose face – as is always the case in Moslem marriages – he had never seen.

We look along the northern end of a line of royal tombs which extends along the entire eastern side of the city except where interrupted by the citadel, which is now behind us. These beautiful sepulchres were erected from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries by the Bahri and Circassian sultans the Mamlukes who followed the age of Saladin. They are the product of the finest age of Saracen art. They were liberally endowed by their builders each of whom left a large income for the support of a body of sheiks and keepers; but Mohammed Ali confiscated the property of these mosques in the nineteenth century, and since then they have fallen into sad decay. A commission of Europeans has lately devoted time and appropriations to their preservation.«
(from ”Egypt Through the Stereoscope“ by James H. Breasted, Ph. D., with twenty patent maps and plans, Copyright by Underwood & Underwood)

(auf der Rückseite der Stereokarte, Underwood & Underwood)

Citadel and Mohammed Ali Mosque beyond Bab-el-Wezir cemetery, Cairo, Egypt

The road to the Pyramide – westward toward Gizeh from near Cairo, Egypt

Entrance to Great Pyramid, the sepulchre of Khufu (in north face), Egypt

Looking down passage to Khufu’s sepulchre within the Great Pyramid, Egypt

Ein stereoskopischer Ein-Blick in die Welt um 1900 … (wird fortgesetzt)

(alle Bildunterschriften und Texte sind den Vorder- bzw. Rückseiten der Stereokarten entnommen)

Private Collection / Private Sammlung

➢ antike Stereokarten & anaglyphe Bilder

➢ … ein Blick auf »Stereokarten«

➢ Ein »Weltspiegel« um 1900

Pfeil senkrecht nach oben

Abstand senkrecht 600 2

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