Vintage Stereoview – Charles Lindbergh

Our Ambassador of the Air – Col. Lindbergh and Plane Spirit of St. Louis

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»When on May 21, 1927, Charles A. Lindbergh, a virtually unknown United States air mail pilot, landed his monoplane, the „Spirit of Saint Louis“, on Le Bourget flying field outside Paris after a flight of 33 1/2 hours from New York, during which he had covered 3.600 miles over Newfoundland, a vast stretch of the North Atlantic Ocean, Ireland and England, it seemed as if the whole civilized world turned for a moment from its everyday occupations to acclaim this splendid young pioneer of the skies who had been first to accomplish the long dreamed non-stop flight from New York to Paris.
Since that day his own country and many foreign nations have bestowed their highest honors upon him, he has received the plaudits of millions of people and reaped financial rewards amounting to perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet through it all he has maintained the modest and friendly demeanor which  won for him abroad the name, „America’s ambassador of good will“, and has devoted himself with whole-hearted energy to the promotion of aviation as an instrument for the service of humanity. A glimpse of Colonel Lindbergh and his famous plane, as they stand before us here, is a fitting introduction for any American today to a tour of the world, which has grown so much more like a part of his own country by reason of Lindbergh’s achievement.
The „Spirit of Saint Louis“, in which up to the end of March, 1928, he had flown more than 35.000 miles, is a Ryan monoplane with a wing span of 46 ft. and overall length of 38 ft., powered by a Wright J-5-A (Whirlwind) engine, with fuel capacity of 458 gallons. On its New York-to-Paris flight it made an average speed of 107 1/2 miles per hour.«

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