Blicke in die Welt um 1900 – 13

Vintage Stereoviews – New York

Types of life on the Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge, N.Y.

Lover’s Lane, Central Park, New York, U.S.A.

Summer at the Sea shore-Recreation Pier and Bathers, Asbury Park, N.J., U.S.A.

»It is the gentle, playful edge of the vast sea you are watching here.
„When descends on the Atlantic – The gigantic – Storm-wind of the equinox“,
it will be quite a different matter to play with Old Ocean. Than the surf along this same beach rolls with thunderous power and often dashes its spray away over those piers.
New York is about thirty miles distant ahead of you and off at your left (N.W.). The famous Long Branch with all its fashionable hotels is only ten miles up the beach ahead, between here and New York. Philadelphia is at the S.W. (left). During the summer season trains from Philadelphia and boats and trains from New York come down here almost every hour bringing each day thousand of visitors to enjoy the invigorating breezes and the bathing. Bands play at intervals all through the day and evening on those piers which you see reaching out into the water – and refreshments are served there for those who prefer looking on to bathing or promenading on the sands, and the long board walks. Those ropes make bathing perfectly safe for the most timid and inexperienced and these are rafts and floats anchored just off shore where the more venturesome can practise deep-water diving. Splendid displays of fancy swimming can be seen here almost any day during the season and crowds of spectators are always at hand with nothing to do but admire. In the soft sand up there at your left, beyond the water line, children and babies dig in the sand while their elders placidly look on knowing that they can play thus all day without soiling white frocks. Many of these athletic damsels, now coquetting with the inrolling tide, will sit on the sand for a while after leaving the water, to dry their loosened hair in the breeze and to finish the morning with a sun-bath.

(From Descriptive Bulletin No.1, copyrighted, 1904, by Underwood & Underwood.)«

In the Surf, Manhattan Beach, U.S.A.

Neptune’s Smile–old ocean’s playful dashing breakers on the beach, Asbury Park

Ein stereoskopischer Ein-Blick in die Welt um 1900 …  (wird fortgesetzt)

(alle Bildunterschriften und Texte sind den Vorder- bzw. Rückseiten der Stereokarten entnommen)

Private Collection / Private Sammlung

➢ antike Stereokarten & anaglyphe Bilder

➢ … ein Blick auf »Stereokarten«

➢ Ein »Weltspiegel« um 1900

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