Blicke in die Welt um 1900 – 16

Vintage Stereoviews – zwei Szenen aus den Niederlanden

… dedicated to Murjani and Dees

Church where Pilgrim Fathers Prayed before Embarking for America, Delfthaven, Netherlands

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»This sleepy canal connects with the river Maas, a few minutes’ ride westward out of Rotterdam. The town of Delft, associated with memories of William the Silent and Grotius and with the famous old potteries, is five miles away between and the Hague. The freight boat lying here in the canal is one of the thousands more or less similar in build, engaged in the carrying trade of the Netherlands rivers and canals. Right here the level of the canal water is, you see, considerably below that of the town streets; but in many of the country districts, where the farm and pasture lands have been actually created out of waste marshes by pumping the water out into walled (diked) canals, the surface of the canal is frequently much above that of neighboring fields and village streets.
That picturesque old Dutch Reformed Church stood as you see it to-day when members of the famous Pilgrim company of English families, in July, 1620, left Delfthaven for Southampton, beginning their epoch-making voyage to America. Tradition says they joined with their neighbors in a farewell service of worship in this very church just before they entered boats in this canal and went down to the river where the Speedwell lay waiting. It is not absolutely certain that such a service was held here at the last moment, but the Pilgrims certainly did know the church well and at least passed it on their way, while their hearts were full of mingled home-sicknes and exultant hope for the unknown future.«

Dutch Children in Native Costume Near the Boats of the Fishermen

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»How should you like to go clump, clump, clump to school in great wooden shoes? These children do not mind it, for most of them never had other kind. Their fathers and mothers wear shoes just like theirs. People all over Holland wear wooden shoes. But they do not all dress like the Marken children. In one Dutch city girls and women wear white caps with wide wings. They wear so many petticoats they look like balloons. In Marken all the girls and women wear close caps. They cut their hair short in front and wear the rest in curls.
The little village of Marken is built on small islands. Water used to come up close to some of the places where houses now are. The people have brought dirt from the main land and built walls to keep the water away. These walls are broad and are used for walks. But still there is water all around their village. The men who live here are fishermen. They have boats and they go out in them to fish. You boys think it fun to go fishing. Maybe you would not think so if you earned your living in that way. If you had bad luck it would mean no fish to sell and perhaps nothing to eat.«

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