Blicke in die Welt um 1900 – 22

Vintage Stereoviews – North America 2

Chattanooga and Tennessee River Valley from Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Man Hath No Part in All This Glorious Work – From Grandview Hotel, Grand Canyon, Arziona

»The Grand Canyon of the Colorado is one of the most stupendous natural wonders of the globe. In its middle course the river has entrenched itself in a great plateau with a canyon 250 miles long and from 4.000 to 6.000 feet deep.
This monster chasm, a mile in depth and from five to nine miles across at the top, has been cut by the river since mid-Tertiary time – a very recent event as geologists count time.
This river has associated with it some of the true romance of exploration. It was described in its lower course by the earliest Spanish visitors to California. In its upper branches it was early known by the trappers and gold-seekers. But the great middle portion was an unknown land until the intrepid Major John Wesley Powell drifted through it with a party in canoes in 1869, and described it as one of the world’s great wonders.
From this point we can see to excellent advantage the cliffs, the terraces, the temples, the projecting spurs, the great amphitheaters, a part of the main inner gorge, and several tributary gorges.
It is inspiring to think that the little stream below us, only a few hundred feet in width, has cut this trench through the earth and carried away to the sea all these cubic miles of rock. The strata at the top are carboniferous. At the bottom the river is sawing away on the old granite core of the continent.«

Majestic Pike’s Peak, through the Gateway of the Garden of The Gods, Colorado

Dismantied Towers and Turrets Broken – Cliff Palace in the Mesa Verde, Colorado

From Clouds Rest over Lake Tenaiya to the distant Matterhorn, Sierra Nevada, California, 1902

Moraine Lake and Valley of the Ten Peaks, Canadian Rockies, B.C., Canada

Ein stereoskopischer Ein-Blick in die Welt um 1900 …  (wird fortgesetzt)

(alle Bildunterschriften und Texte sind den Vorder- bzw. Rückseiten der Stereokarten entnommen)

Private Collection / Private Sammlung

➢ antike Stereokarten & anaglyphe Bilder

➢ … ein Blick auf »Stereokarten«

➢ Ein »Weltspiegel« um 1900

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