Blicke in die Welt um 1900 – 23

Vintage Stereoviews – Europe

Clamshell Cave, Staffa 1867

Breton Peasants Making Wooden Shoes in the Forest near Clohars-Carnoet, France

»The men and women at work in this pleasant forest clearing are inhabitants of the ancient Province of Brittany in northwestern France. They are simple peasants, engaged in what is an important industry in several departments of the Republic. Sabots, or wooden shoes, are worn largely by the farming population, men and women, especially in marshy regions, where they protect the feet from moisture. They have the additional merit of being cheap, a consideration the French peasant never overlooks, as little money passes through his hands and he has to make a franc go a long way. This was especially the case during the Great War, when leather shoes were so high in price as to be practically beyond the reach of the farmer.
Sabots are heavy and clumsy, each being carved out of a solid piece of wood. We gain an excellent idea of the whole operation from the scene before us – from the man who is about to split a block of wood, to those who are either finishing off the exterior or carving out the inside. In some sections the wooden shoes are hung in the smoke of burning wood which gives them a dull red color, considered ornamental. Wooden shoes are used extensively also in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the Netherlands it is no uncommon thing to meet a crowd of children clattering home after school, tearing along in the sabots over the cobbled streets as freely as children in light leather shoes do in our own country.
The people before us are Breton peasants, wearing even in these times the costume of their forefathers for generations back. To tourists this is one of the charms of a visit to Brittany, where so many antique customs merge the past with the present.«

Excavators at Work, Old Corinth, Greece

Only Access to Monastery of St. Baarlam – 250 feet by rope – Meteora, Greece, 1897

Huge Ice River – Fiescher Glacier and Oberaarhorn, N.E. from the Eggishorn, Switzerland

The Matterhorn (14.780 Ft.), Most Dramatic of Peaks, Switzerland

Ein stereoskopischer Ein-Blick in die Welt um 1900 …  (wird fortgesetzt)

(alle Bildunterschriften und Texte sind den Vorder- bzw. Rückseiten der Stereokarten entnommen)

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