Blicke in die Welt um 1900 – 25

Vintage Stereoviews

Sea Gulls, near Gibraltar 1901

New Guinea Man-Eaters Bringing in Their Prey

»A missionary who spent many years in the island discussed cannibalism as follows:
“The people of New Guinea were, and many of them are still, cannibals. In all places where there is Government or mission influence, cannibalism is at an end and the younger people, at least, are ashamed of it and do not like to be accused of it.
“Perhaps no custom dies out quickly. It is interesting if somewhat gruesome to listen to some old ex-cannibal as he tells stories of the past and marks out on your body with his fingers how they jointed their victim with a bamboo knife and what were the choice bits.
“Probably there were two ideas behind the custom: one,that by this means the eaters gained virtue from the one that was eaten; the other, that of revenge, revenge till death and further, with the satisfied feeling that the enemy was humbled with the greatest of all disgraces, and the conquerors similarly magnified.
“There were many ceremonies to be gone through at a cannibal feast, as he who slew the victim might neither touch the body, much less help to carry it, nor share in the feast. Only in certain places might the flesh be prepared for cooking and only in certain other places might it be eaten. Usually with shore people a coco palm was cut down so that the delicate heart of young unformed leaves might be cooked and eaten with the flesh.
“In times of severe famine children were killed and eaten because there was no other food. Gruesome stories are told of olden days that are still remembered when the little ones had to be watched very carefully and hidden away or sent to other villages for safety.”«

Gideon’s battlefield and Hill of Moreh, N. from Jezreel, Palestine

Tiberias, a Town of Jewish Fishermen, Sea of Galilee, Palestine

Spanish Laborers at Work on the Panama Canal

Ox Team and Sledge, the Only Kind of Carriage Used in Funchal, Madeira Islands

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