Blicke in die Welt um 1900 – 27

Vintage Stereoviews

Cocoanut Palms near Aguadilla, Porto Rico – As the tree is bent the boy is inclined, 1899

Husking Coconuts – Familiar Scene in the Great Coconut Country near Pagsanjan, I. of Luzon, P. I.

»The common coconuts (Cocos nucifera) is found all round the world within the tropics, growing as a rule on lowlands near the sea. Probably no other plant serves so many and such varied purposes in the domestic economy of the peoples in whose country it grows. It furnishes wood for dwellings and fuel; its leaves are used in making mats, sacks, and thatch; the sap of the flowers, fermented, makes a stimulating beverage called tuba; still further fermented, a most excellent vinegar; the nut furnishes two products of world-wide importance, one a coarse fibre called “coir” from the husk of the nut, and another the most important product, copra, the dried meat of the nut. The milk of the nut has very little value.
When the nuts are ripe, they are collected and husked. A spear head is fixed upright, the point almost at the height of the hips. The workman pushes the husk upon this point and with an adroit thrust tears it free from the nut. An expert can husk 3.000 nuts a day. The nut is then split with a stroke of the bolo, and the two halves dried in the sun. Then the meats are removed from the shell and further dried over a slow fire, when they are ready to be baled or boxed, or sent in bulk as copra to the western market. From the copra an oil is extracted which is of value in various manufacturing processes including the making of soap.
Copra is produced at an extremely low cost. It is an industry of comparatively recent development and is a source of considerable wealth to the Philippines, whence comes more copra than from any other country.«

Native Penang, Straits Settlement, British Malaya – a Grass-thatched Hut in the Jungle

Nature’s riches in the ”land of spicy breezes“ – tropical fruits of Ceylon, 1903

Amidst the island gems which adorn the St. Lawrence, Thousand Islands, 1900

Hospital dispensary, Manila, P. I.

Ein stereoskopischer Ein-Blick in die Welt um 1900 …  (wird fortgesetzt)

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