Blicke in die Welt um 1900 – 28

Vintage Stereoviews – China

In the Temple of 500 Genii (founded A. D. 500) among its 500 disciples of Buddha, Canton, China, 1900

Women Pumping Water by Treadmill, near Hankow, China

»Rice is the chief food of the Chinese and as there are over 4000.000.000 of them it requires enormous quantities of rice to feed all those hungry people. Rice can be grown in nearly every part of China. It requires a great deal of water. The average rainfall does not produce enough water so the farmer must resort to irrigation. What is irrigation?
In this view you see a crude but common method of raising water from a stream to the field. A wooden trough is placed in the stream and the upper end reaches to a small ditch surrounding the field. A series of wooden paddles in an endless chain lift and push the water up to the ditch. The upper end of the endless chain passes over a large sprocket wheel through the center of which passes a large round log. In our country we would probably have a small gasoline engine to turn the wheels or pump the water. In China they do not want machinery as it would deprive men, women, and children of the work. Here the women are hired for a few cents a day to stand on this log and keep it turning by stepping upon each one of those projecting arms that look like croquet mallets. Three women can work at a time on this tread-mill.
In China women work in the fields just as the men do. In fact they are often required to perform much harder and more disagreeable tasks than women in our country are allowed to do. Why is this?«

An Assemblage of Chinese ”Quacks“ near Canton, China, 1900

The Wife of a Mandarin and her friends, Cantonese Ladies of high rank – China, 1900

The American Consul’s Four-in-Hand, Hong Kong, China, 1896

Cultivated Bamboo – a Plantation at Nankin, China, 1900

Ein stereoskopischer Ein-Blick in die Welt um 1900 …  (wird fortgesetzt)

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